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X. Commerce to be released October 12, 2011

Magento, eBay, and PayPal are coming together to release a new open commerce platform: X.commerce. This end-to-end solution combines the very best from the biggest names in commerce to give developers and merchants the tools to succeed.

About X.commerce

Technology is completely transforming the relationship between consumers and merchants.

Consumers today want and expect more choices in how and where they shop. And multi-channel innovations – online, offline, mobile, and the fast-blurring spaces in between – are delivering. Consumers are also armed with more knowledge before they buy. Reviews and recommendations. Daily deals. Barcode scanning and instant price comparison. So as today’s consumers use technology innovations to seize control, the question is how can merchants of all sizes keep up?
No technology has emerged that empowers merchants to deliver standout experiences across devices and channels. None has emerged to help merchants manage the entire commerce process, easily and cost-effectively. None has emerged that unleashes the creativity of developers to define the next wave of innovation across the entire commerce ecosystem.
Until now.
X.commerce is the future of technology-powered buying and selling.

It’s more than e-commerce. More than marketing automation. More than mobile transactions. It’s the first end-to-end, multi-channel commerce technology platform designed for all the ways consumers choose to shop today. And it’s the only platform that combines the power of eBay, PayPal, Magento, and all the ground-breaking commerce capabilities within the eBay Inc. family.
For merchants… X.commerce is a single platform that makes the most current commerce technologies easy to access. X.commerce developers make the technology easy to customize to any merchant’s business. And the ability to scale quickly without investing in costly, complex configuration opens up the playing field to merchants of any size, in any location, to compete and win.
For developers… X.commerce is a robust, open ecosystem that empowers integrators and innovators with the most complete set of commerce-related tools and capabilities in the world. And because this ecosystem provides access to eBay Inc.’s resources through one entry point, it gives developers access to hundreds of millions of consumers and merchants who are hungry for better end-to-end commerce experiences.
For solution providers and partners… X.commerce is a new and innovative distribution channel. The open environment allows for the newest, and even competitive, commerce technologies outside of eBay Inc. to plug in – delivering unimaginable choice for developers, merchants, and consumers everywhere.
X.commerce is the engine that will drive technology-powered commerce to the next level and beyond. And those who get on first will get ahead the fastest.