vs. Dropbox- Head to Head Review – Which Clould Storage is Better?

“ vs. Dropbox- Head to Head Review – Which Clould Storage is Better?”

Gone were the days when you need to have a floppy disk or a USB in order to send and share files. These days, you only need to have a computer or a mobile device and a good internet connection in order to access any data that you need at any given time. There are two big names in the world of online storage: Dropbox and Different people have different opinion about these two storage sites. There are those who prefer Dropbox over while there are some who want over Dropbox. Below is a comparison of the two sites in terms of feature, space, price, set up, performance, security and so on.

Round 1: Features

Content management, collaborative workspace, admin account transfer, task management, built in editor and 5 GB free storage are just some of them nay features that offers. Dropbox on the other hand seems to offer no virtual work feature other than the 2GB free storage and the seamlessness of sharing and syncing folders on several devices. With all the features that offers, it is no wonder that people who are into big business prefer over Dropbox which is mainly focused on personal users but can also be of great help to small and medium business owners.

Round 2


Considering how simple its features are, Dropbox is easier to use as compared to  Setting up Dropbox takes less than 10 minutes as there is no admin task that needs to be done. But this does not make complicated or hard to set up.  It is just that require more steps in setting up. For instance, a free trial option requires you to key in your credit card information which can put off many people. Setting up of desktop icon for local access also needs an extra step to be done and this can be rocket science and confusing for some people. Clearly, in this round Dropbox wins as it is more easy to use but if you come to really think of it, the extra effort that requires is certainly more than worth it.

Round 3

Sharing and Security allows user to set access as well as restriction in its file sharing. Also, one can set up groups in the workspace and this is something that Dropbox can not match in terms of file-sharing. A properly configured makes file sharing on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn possible in the same way that its permit integration of web content on programs that it is compatible with. Security wise, the two sites are basically the same as utilizes access control method while Dropbox uses encryption.

Nina Sevilla