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Product Reviews by Nina Sevilla

Google’s Attempt to obtain more Local Reviews = Recruiting “City Experts”

Google’s Attempt to obtain more Local Reviews = Recruiting “City Experts”

“Do you love to review places around your city and share your opinion with others? Our new Google City Experts program gives top reviewers (users with at least 50 high quality reviews, and at least 5 reviews in the current month) special perks like event invitations, custom swag, special access to contests and more.”

Users opt-in with their Google+ accounts.
To qualify as a City Expert you have to be among “the most active users on Google Maps who write reviews and upload photos of local places” (50 reviews, 5 reviews per month). Perks or rewards include the following:

  • Access to fun, exclusive events in their local area
  • Free custom swag
  • Special online recognition
  • Google City Expert Badge

For more info visit

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Online Edition

Bookkeepers and accountants with simple bookkeeping/accounting may consider using QuickBooks Online Basic or Online Plus. The internet-based accounting programs run on Intuit’s web server which is accessible from anywhere at any time. The requirements are only an internet connection and a web browser. However, QuickBooks Online Basic and Online Plus are not the same programs as the QuickBooks desktop edition software like QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, Premier, Enterprise etc. The Online programs offer different features and capabilities for which it is sometimes found more appealing than others.

Advantages of QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Basic and Online Plus offer several advantages over the traditional desktop editions. Some of the advantages are:

•    The software is easy to set up. Companies can subscribe to the service simply completing an online interview of approximate 10 minutes

•    While data cannot be imported from or exported to the desktop-based version of QuickBooks (or other formats) into QuickBooks Online Basic, users can convert the file switching from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online Plus

•    If the company decides to cancel QuickBooks Online Plus, they can export their data back to QuickBooks software easily

•    Users do not need any special internal information technology resource except an internet connection and a web browser as QuickBooks Online is hosted and managed by Intuit on its servers

•    Users can access the service anytime from anywhere. They can also allow access to public bookkeepers/accountants or trusted employees at remote locations

•    The monthly subscription fee to QuickBooks Online Plus varies to the number of users. Each time when a user logs into the company’s file, an entry is added to the Access Log which describes his identity and activities into the system

•    Online Basic allows access to one user and a public bookkeeper/accountant while Online Plus allows three users and a public bookkeeper/accountant. A maximum of 25 users can be added for an additional cost

•    Users can enter data directly into the accounting system that eliminates the delays and inaccuracies caused by sending data back to the public bookkeeper/accountant for review

•    Users need not concern to upgrades or system backups of the software as it always stays in the latest version automatically in the Intuit’s servers. Moreover, Intuit’s server files are backed up daily and the backups are moved to a remote location. Thus the data is safeguarded in the event of a fire or other disaster

•    Intuit tries to notify users in advance for scheduled maintenance downtime. Besides, Intuit’s servers are connected to backup generators to protect against power failures

•    Intuit maintains a range of procedures for the security of data. Such as: Passwords must be used to gain access to data, data transmit over the internet is encrypted with 128-bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Besides, QuickBooks Online is a VeriSign Secured™ product which is the leading SSL Certificate Authority

•    Public bookkeepers/accountants are benefitted from a client’s use of QuickBooks Online Plus in the following ways:

I)    The service can help bookkeepers/accountants perform bookkeeping or write-up work “on demand” since the client’s information is accessible from anywhere any time
II)    The traditional process of transferring files back and forth, while making sure both the client and the bookkeeper or accountant are using the same software release, is replaced with “real time, anytime” involvement that can better suit the schedules of both the parties
III)    As the bookkeeper/accountant gets relieved of some of the manual operations required in performing traditional bookkeeping/write-up services, some bookkeepers/accountants believe the use of online bookkeeping/accounting services such as QuickBooks Online Plus will make them more efficient and better able to fulfill a more value-added advisory role to their clients
IV)    Bookkeepers/accountants can access their clients’ QuickBooks Online Plus files for free

Disadvantages of QuickBooks Online

Of course, QuickBooks Online is not for everybody. There are several drawbacks or risks to using the service, many of which are inherent to any online bookkeeping/accounting software program.

For example:

•    Many of the QuickBooks Desktop features are not available in QuickBooks Online

•    At the time of data conversion, all the data may not be converted or it may be converted into different format and not intact

•    QuickBooks Online currently does not support purchase orders or inventory tracking

•    Reports and graphs are available but not as many as in QuickBooks desktop

•    Report customization is somewhat limited in QuickBooks Online

•    Heavy internet traffic may slow down service response time and servers may be down, preventing access to company data though Intuit tries to notify users in advance for scheduled maintenance downtime

•    Company data cannot be accessed if the user’s internet connection is down or slow. Therefore, Intuit recommends a persistent, high-speed internet connection such as DSL, a cable modem, or T1 line

•    In spite of maintaining every reasonable precaution to protect the privacy of company data, there always remains the possibility that a malicious hacker could break through Intuit’s security configuration and access accounting data

Who Should Consider Using QuickBooks Online?

Because it lacks many of the features of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online works best for service companies with relatively simple bookkeeping/accounting needs (i.e., those who do not need estimates, online bill payment, or inventory tracking). Even then, those companies may not see significant benefits from the software unless they wish to give bookkeepers/accountants or employees in remote locations access to their bookkeeping/accounting records (Online Plus only). Generally, users who want a more full-featured bookkeeping/accounting program to create estimates, perform job costing, track inventory and purchase orders, or integrate with Microsoft Word and Outlook should use QuickBooks rather than QuickBooks Online.

Those who are confused of using QuickBooks Online can try the software for free for 30 days trial. During the free-trial period, users can view a sample company; try various features, change and view reports. Alternatively, users can enter their own company information and begin using QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online Basic and Online Plus are accessed through Intuit’s QuickBooks website at

What is Amazon Supply for Industrial, Business and Scientific Customers?

Reading through my e-mails I received a notably interesting one announcing:

Dear Customer, is a new website dedicated to offering a broad selection of parts and supplies to business, industrial, scientific, and commercial customers at competitive prices. AmazonSupply offers more than 500,000 items from leading brands including Mitutoyo, Georgia-Pacific, Brady Corporation, Sandvik, Genie, and Parker. Eligible orders of $50 or more receive free two-day shipping, and AmazonSupply offers free 365-day returns, corporate lines of credit, and a dedicated customer service center. The site’s easy navigation, detailed product descriptions, and studio-quality photography help customers find the items they need.





What does this mean for the business community.  Low Prices, Fast and Free Shipping…. An Easy One Stop Shop.

Also for the launch Amazon is providing a free 365 return on corporate lines of credit for Amazon Supply Customers with a dedicated customer service center.

With 14 categories that include:

  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics, and Plumbing
  • Materials
  • Lab and Scientific
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Fasteners
  • Power and Hand Tools
  • Janitorial and Sanitation
  • Power Transmission
  • Test, Measure, and Inspect
  • Cutting Tools
  • Abrasives and Finishing
  • Material Handling
  • Office
  • Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

I will never have to shop at, and the many other vendors I use for all our needs.

I will be sure to recommend this site to all my industry clients – you name it they can use it.  Plumbers, Merchanic Shops, Labs, etc.













 vs. Dropbox- Head to Head Review – Which Clould Storage is Better?

“ vs. Dropbox- Head to Head Review – Which Clould Storage is Better?”

Gone were the days when you need to have a floppy disk or a USB in order to send and share files. These days, you only need to have a computer or a mobile device and a good internet connection in order to access any data that you need at any given time. There are two big names in the world of online storage: Dropbox and Different people have different opinion about these two storage sites. There are those who prefer Dropbox over while there are some who want over Dropbox. Below is a comparison of the two sites in terms of feature, space, price, set up, performance, security and so on.

Round 1: Features

Content management, collaborative workspace, admin account transfer, task management, built in editor and 5 GB free storage are just some of them nay features that offers. Dropbox on the other hand seems to offer no virtual work feature other than the 2GB free storage and the seamlessness of sharing and syncing folders on several devices. With all the features that offers, it is no wonder that people who are into big business prefer over Dropbox which is mainly focused on personal users but can also be of great help to small and medium business owners.

Round 2


Considering how simple its features are, Dropbox is easier to use as compared to  Setting up Dropbox takes less than 10 minutes as there is no admin task that needs to be done. But this does not make complicated or hard to set up.  It is just that require more steps in setting up. For instance, a free trial option requires you to key in your credit card information which can put off many people. Setting up of desktop icon for local access also needs an extra step to be done and this can be rocket science and confusing for some people. Clearly, in this round Dropbox wins as it is more easy to use but if you come to really think of it, the extra effort that requires is certainly more than worth it.

Round 3

Sharing and Security allows user to set access as well as restriction in its file sharing. Also, one can set up groups in the workspace and this is something that Dropbox can not match in terms of file-sharing. A properly configured makes file sharing on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn possible in the same way that its permit integration of web content on programs that it is compatible with. Security wise, the two sites are basically the same as utilizes access control method while Dropbox uses encryption.

Nina Sevilla

Apple Magic Mouse Review

So I recent purchased an iMac and included with the package is an Apple Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard.

Before I begin – I didn’t know what to think of this mouse coming from a PC background.  With no experience with prior Apple mice I find this mouse amazing – clean and intuitive.

First size – The Magic Mouse is a perfect fit – not too small and not as huge as a full sized desktop mouse.  Ergonomically – it isn’t a great fit.

The scrolling feature of the mouse is amazing.

I have yet to play with it more – but please let me know your thoughts.